Brain Vlog Video


How much memory can our brain hold?

This video goes into depth of how much the brain can hold of memory. Slater said, “Most computational nero scientists estimate human’s storage capacity somewhere between 10 to 100 terabytes.” Our brain is still more complex than any external harddrive. However scientists do say that this estimation can be off.

Some posed questions to think about are:

~If the brain can hold more than an external harddrive,  then what causes us to forget things?

~Why is memory important to us?

~If our brains are the most complex thing in the world, then are we using it to its full potential?

Stop Motion

This is my first project for TOK! We did a stop motion video that expressed the quote by Bruce Lee “The best style of fighting, is to not fight at all”. We filmed a fake fight that was super fun! It was an awesome experience for a first project. I love the challenge of creating things like this. It makes project and class interesting. Plus, I was taught a couple of awesome fighting skills that may help me later in life!¬†