“This I Believe” Analysis

Amazing Grace

As a young musician, Klein’s grandfather was one of her biggest fans. Whenever she would play the violin for him, he would always request one song every time, which was ‘Amazing Grace’. And every time he asked, she would always give the same answer, “I don’t know that one!” When she entered high school,  the same time she picked up playing the guitar, her grandfather got cancer and was close to dying. She decided to learn ‘Amazing Grace’ on the guitar and play it for him. When she finally played the song for him, she tried not to believe that it was her last concert for her biggest fan. She saw joy in her grandfather’s eyes even though the cancer had taken away his smile, and she knew that what she did was very special and important. She said, “At its best music is the highest expression of humanity’s better nature, and I’m privileged to contribute to such a profound tradition. So, this I believe: Love matters. Music matters. And in our best moments they are one and the same.”

The most moving part was that she finally realized that playing ‘Amazing Grace’ would mean a whole lot to her grandfather before he passed away. I learned that there is more to music than just playing or singing. When music is at its best, it can express love, have deep meanings, and can also heal the heart and make it feel at home. Music can attribute to great memories and inspirational moments, just like Klein’s did. 



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