1. What is the overall themeColor

2. What Ways of Knowing are you addressing besides Sense Perception? Mood/Emotion

3. To what Areas of Knowledge does your project relate?Psychology

4. What is it exactly, you plan to do and/or investigate?I plan on investigating what colors can be categorized as different emotions. I will show short 2-3 second videos with different emotions one at a time, and then I will ask the participants to write down what emotion they just saw and color comes to their mind when they see this emotion.

5. What is your driving question?How can colors be categorized as different moods or emotions?

6. How is your project inherently about knowledge/knowing?I will know how the emotions and moods are affected by color.

7. What materials will you need?computer for making the video, paper and pencil for the participants to write down their color

8. Who could assist you / mentor you on this project?Ms. Babcock (maybe)

9. How will you present the project to the class? In a slideshow or video

10. Projects are due the Cycle of March 1 – how do you plan to manage the time for this task?Setting reminders to do the video and making a paper to fill out with the participants’ answers.