Touch and Sound

Articles relating touch:

1. The magical Mr. Potato Head, aka Kissenger, is a device that allows you to wirelessly transmit an actual smooch to your lover who is not with you by its pressure sensors, which sends your impression of your lips in your egg to the other receiving Kissenger.

How would we know that transmitted kiss is the exact impression?

2. This article proves the importance of a nonsexual touch by listing 10 psychological effects that shows how powerful nonsexual touches can be and its influence on our thought process.

How would we really know the true thoughts of someone who has been touched in a nonsexual way?

3. Babies, children, and elderly all around the world benefit from touch to make their lives better.

What if someone actually doesn’t liked to be touched at all?

4. This article discusses the science behind touch, and how powerful it can be when a guy touches a girl.

How do we know when we’re in love?

5. This article is about how scientist have learned to fooled our sense of touch.

How reliable is our sense of touch?

6. This video/article is about a woman in an art exhibit using her sense of touch and fate to find her husband.

How reliable can a kiss be to determine our husbands?


Articles relating sound:

1. All of the world’s natural sounds are available  and digital online.

Is technology a good source to extenuate the real natural sound of this world?

2. The Cocktail Party Effect  is about how humans have the capability of tuning our ears to just one voice.

How reliable is the information we receive from our hearing?

3. Make the City Sound Better is the name of the campaign that a company is using for their new release of headphones, which takes the regular city sound and makes music from it for the regular urbanite.

Does music have the capability of enhancing our daily routine without our awareness?

4. This article discusses that Beethoven’s deafness could have influenced his compositions.

If you were deaf, would you let that stop you from reaching your full potential?

5. This article talks about how the sound of the food we eat affects our taste shown through a study.

Does sound affect what you considered tastes good?

6. This article is about how we consume information influences what we learn from it.

If the information we consume influences what we learn, how does this affect our society?

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